BVF Ingredients has established its production facility in the middle of Europe in Belgium.

BVF Ingredients proposes a full range of innovative ingredients to industrials, semi-industrials, food distributors, the baking industry as well as food services.  Sweet-based ingredients are developed to meet the highest quality standards and answer exactly our customers' requirement.  Our range of products includes jam, fruit filling, topping, compound, glaze, ice cream mix.

BVF Ingredients' concept is to offer to our customer the possibility to differentiate their products at the same cost as a standard recipe on the market. We believe this is the way of the future and we want to give them the opportunity by developing HIGH VALUE-ADDED products.

To succeed in this market, we took more than 2 years to develop the perfect line that allows us to be flexible, efficient and cost effective. 

Let us make the difference and be your added value